High Country Sports has been here for a while.  In fact, a long while.  We understand the community…we get involved with the community, and we want to grow the community.  We try our best to know you–the customer, so that when you come in, we can get you what you need, maybe chat for a bit about your next “adventure”, and then send you on your way with confidence.  We’re not sales people…we’re enthusiasts.

We love outside, we love adventure, we love travel, and we love seeing the community AND visitors do all of the above.  And we love helping you.  So come and see is, ask us questions, tell us about your trip or your latest adventure.

It’s not where you go, it’s what you find along the way.

keen_logoWe all live many lives splitting our time between work, play and giving back.  KEEN call’s this living a HybridLife. HybridLife is the KEEN mantra, a commitment to create solutions in with product and business practices, to design footwear, bags and socks that enable you to play anyplace without a ceiling.

Live the Lifestyle

We live in a mountainous setting filled with a lifestyle of “everything”.  We breath the fresh air rolling in over the peaks, filling our souls with a replenished energy.  We walk, talk, ride, run, paddle, swim, glide, and fly.  It’s a lifestyle that dreams were made of.

At High Country, we stock our shelves and fill the floor with a range of clothing and gear to suit every need.  From adventure to travel, lakes to trails, hiking to camping…from the ground to the top…we have you covered.